(Video) Mobbin In Paris with A$AP Mob

Catch a behind the scenes look as A$AP TyY travels to Paris Fashion Week 2017 and links with fellow Mob members A$AP Rocky and A$AP Bari.


A$AP Mob Cozy Tapes Vol 2. is here!

A$AP Mob’s biggest and perhaps most anticipated release has finally arrived today. Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy.Fans have been patiently awaiting the album since the first Cozy Tapes dropped in October of 2016.The 17-track project includes guest appearances by Jaden Smith, Chief Keef, Lil Yachty, Big Sean, and Schoolboy Q. 

A$AP TYY's Track on the tape (track 8)  "Get the Bag" features a heavy hitting roster of A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, PlayBoi Carti, A$AP Ant, A$AP 12vy, A$AP Nast and Smooky MarGiella. You can listen to TYY's "Get to the Bag" here

A$AP Mob's Cozy Tapes Vol. 2 now available on Apple Music, iTunes or Spotify. 



A$AP TyY Takes on Trump in his New Video

The A$AP Mob’s own ASAP TYY has unveiled his new Anti-Trump video to accompany his controversial "TRUMP" record he released back in November, before the presidential election. The song came about after TyY had a dream about Donald Trump. 

Meanwhile, the single has since garnered well over 2 million views/streams. Directed by Michael Dellapolla and co-directed by Michael Duda, the video was shot on the top floor of a Manhattan law office that finds the A$AP member going off on corporate executives and Trump. In addition, he was raging in an abandoned Philly church or as TyY explains:

“I had my manager, the production crew and myself crawling through a church basement in Philly to start this video out. We ended with me in a suit and tie in Manhattan, the office scene was crazy, we shot in a law office all while attorneys were still walking around and working. We had a huge production crew on set, I was in a ski mask with prop guns all while having this guy in a suit tied up in a separate office. I could only imagine what these attorneys were thinking while we were shooting this lol.”

A$AP TYY's "TRUMP" video is already gaining major traction premiering on power house media outlets such as Complex ,  HypeBeast , and of course the ASAP Mob among many others.. 

A$AP TYY is Harlem's Own Evil Knievel  - The UPROXX magazine interview

A$AP TYY is Harlem's Own Evil Knievel - The UPROXX magazine interview

As a member of A$AP Mob — with rappers A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg — TyY is the fearless, rapping daredevil of the Harlem collective, often seen popping sick wheelies in New York City with his four-wheeler.

With Harlem’s nearly four square miles as his playground, TyY immersed himself in BMX culture before branching off to motocross and finding influence in legends Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, Nate Adams and cultural icon Evel Knievel. 

“I used to hang pictures and rip them out of magazines and put them all on my wall when I was a kid, so that’s where it sparked. Those are some of the pioneers that I’ve looked up to coming up.”

Check out what the ASAP Mob's own ASAP TyY had to say to UPROXX magazine about BikeLife, the ASAP Mob and More.

Link http://uproxx.com/life/asap-tyy-bike-life-interview/

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ASAP TyY Returns To Paris With Plans To Conquer Fashion Week 2017.

ASAP TyY Returns To Paris With Plans To Conquer Fashion Week 2017.

A$AP TyY is back in Paris, and with the help of some high-profile collaborations, he's ready to take over. 

    Last December, A$AP TyY- fresh off the success of his hit-single "Trump"- embarked on his first-ever European headlining tour. As he conquered Paris, then Amsterdam and London, it became obvious that it may be the first time, but would absolutely not be the last time TyY would step foot in Europe. Now, just 6 months later, after cementing his role as the ASAP Mob's most unpredictable performer, TyY has returned to the city that hosted his most memorable performance; Paris, France. This time, the reason for the trip is not a world tour, but rather a hard-hitting fashion collaboration in the midst of Paris Men's Fashion Week. 

Welcome To Paris ⛪️🇫🇷 #FashionWeek #Fance

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Why Are The Real Ones Be The First To Die..... ⛪️ @antoineduchamp

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Milan Fashion House, Guntas, calls on A$AP TyY.

   As recently reported by Indie Magazine, ASAP TyY will be teaming up with Milan-based fashion house, "Guntas." Critics have hailed the partnership as a perfect match. Zeynep Guntas, the Turkish designer behind the brand, has garnered fame through her politically-influenced designs inspired by the bloodshed she witnessed in her home-country. Guntas' political influences seem to be a perfect match for the openly political and uncensored TyY who recently garnered newfound fame with the release of his aforementioned single, Trump. In which he advertises his... displeasure... with the commander in chief. To prepare for what we might see on the runway, take a quick look at 3 exclusive photos of TyY and some of his collaboration pieces:

More than fashion: A week of performance & parties.

    As the week ramps up, be on the lookout as TyY once again, takes Paris by storm. First, with a launch party at the exclusive club, Salò, on Wednesday night where a runway presentation of the highly-anticipated collaboration between Guntas, TyY, and special-guest NEKEDI, will take place from 8pm to 10pm, followed by an all-night party from 10pm to 5am. The party will include performances from A$AP TyY himself, as well as other special guests. When it comes to kicking off Paris Fashion Week, there is no place better. Check the official announcement here. Then, from Thursday to Sunday, head to 73 rue de Turenne and check in at the A$AP TyY Bikeshop, serving as a major centerpiece to the "HOODLAB" showcase. 

Asap tyy Bike life Paris

     It comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with the ASAP Mob that, even during Paris Fashion Week, one of the most high-profile events in the world, TyY has plans to take over not just the music scene, but the fashion scene as well. With top designers, promoters, and  management in his corner, it seems that the Mob's most electrifying member is well on his way to dominating the cultural conversation not just in Paris, but all over the world. 

To keep up with TyY's Fashion Week escapades, follow along on Twitter and Instagram.

- And don't forget about the upcoming release of the highly-anticipated music video for his irreverent banger, "TRUMP."

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The Hype Continues to Build for TyY's "Trump" Music Video

The Hype Continues to Build for TyY's "Trump" Music Video

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the visuals for ASAP TyY's hit song.

As President Donald Trump experiences his lowest approval rating yet, ASAP TyY- as he continues to make waves & gain notoriety within ASAP Mob- is experiencing his greatest amount of hype. Just one week ago, TyY, surrounded by an entourage of attorneys, artists, and fellow entertainers, launched production at the world-famous Rockefeller Center for his most anticipated set of visuals yet; the music video for his viral banger, "Trump." 

As you scroll through each shot, one thing becomes obvious; TyY hasn't changed a bit. Whether it's strapping up, standing up, or speaking up, TyY is, and always will be, the truest version of himselfan irreverent, charismatic, and one-of-a-kind performer. If it wasn't already obvious after his headlining tour through Europe, the talented 26 year-old has distinguished himself as one of the most exciting and electric members of A$AP Mob. 

Scroll through the gallery below as you prepare for this newest project coming from A$AP Mob.

-  And for even more previews of what's to come, be sure to follow TyY on Instagram and Twitter

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Hip Hop DX catches up with TyY in Los Angeles.

Hip Hop DX catches up with TyY in Los Angeles.

In his latest interview, TyY reflects on the life of A$AP Yams, his own role in A$AP Mob, and the current state of rap.

While filming for various projects in Los Angeles, A$AP TyY gave a strikingly open and honest interview to the buzzing online hip hop publication, Hip Hop DXTy would open the interview honoring A$AP Yams for all he had done to create & grow the A$AP Mob brand. 

Paying homage to Yams, TyY stated the following; 

"RIP Yams. Shout out to the boy Yams... I wish he was here with us … but he is here with us. He played a major role, just keeping us together. Just had a vision, man... We just living in his name right now. He played a major role in everybody’s career man."

You can find the full quote in the embedded video below...

TyY would then go on to recount the meaning within his personal tribute to Yams, the song 'Chamber Lock.' When asked why the song meant so much to him, TyY revealed that the track features the last words the A$AP-founder ever spoke to him;

“It was some inspiring words that he actually said to me before he actually passed away,” TyY reveals. “We had got the call when we was in London [that] he passed away. And those were the actual [last] words he said to me, so that song actually means a lot to me.”

You can find the track, featuring Yam's last words to TyY here.

The setting of  a cemetery was especially fitting for the interview. Not just because they spoke of Yams' life, but also because TyY was in the midst of filming for a yet-to-be-released track; Mosh Pit. As seen in the behind the scenes footagethe filming took place at Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles. When asked why he chose such a setting for the video, TyY minced no words, stating; 

“There’s a lot of fuckery in this rap game, and I’m here to put these rappers in the fucking grave.”

Check out the behind the scenes visuals below:

Shirley Ju, editor-at-large of Hip Hop DX, asked TyY how he planned to craft his own persona, especially given the ever-increasing number of A$AP Mob members. He again responded honestly and simply;

“I just plan on being me, I don’t plan on standing out. I just plan on doing what I do. Being the guy that I am. I’m wild, erratic, and I really don’t give a fuck.”

Of course, no interview is complete without questions about TyY's hit, "Trump" ; the irreverent banger known for describing the kidnapping and robbing of the current President of the United States.

 When it comes to an explanation about the song, the answer is an easy one. In his (typical) laid-back fashion, TyY stated;

’that’s how I was feeling in the moment of me making that record. It was just me voicing my opinion. And that’s it.”

Simple as that.

TyY would go on to tease Cozy Tapes Vol. 2, leaving DX with more questions than answers. He promised more A$AP mixtapes, more TyY tracks, and absolutely no fucks given.

Given the sheer amount of projects on the horizon, it is apparent that A$AP Mob and A$AP TyY are on a wave. Make sure you keep up.

Click here to read the full Hip Hop DX interview in its entirety .

In the meantime, check out 'Trump' as you prepare for its official music video, dropping in the next couple of weeks.

A$AP TyY - Like Me Ft. BeWhy & Cjamm (Official Video)

Watch A$AP TyY’s heavily anticipated visuals to his single “Like Me”, that features Korean Rap stars BeWhy and Cjamm. 

Film Directed by: Michael Duda
Film Produced by: Stratagem Pictures
Co Directed by: TW / Devin Oppa

A$AP TyY x Loaded Dock

While out in LA the A$AP Mob's own A$AP TyY teamed up with Loaded Dock Resort and Swim, a new age brand focusing on redefining the parameter of fashion, while improving the long overdue need of resort wear for the impeccably dressed male. Check out the visuals below. 

A$AP TyY x SXSW 2017

Be Sure to catch the A$AP Mob's own A$AP TyY preforming live along side the Mob and solo this year at South By Southwest in Austin, TX. 

The ASAP TyY European Tour; ASAP Mob at its finest.

The ASAP TyY European Tour; ASAP Mob at its finest.

On his tour throughout France, Netherlands, & the UK, ASAP TyY would become known, not just as an entertainer, but as a full-blown trend-setter.

  ASAP TyY Live at The Market Bar,  in Nottingham, UK. 

ASAP TyY Live at The Market Bar,  in Nottingham, UK. 


      It was obvious, the moment, ASAP TyY took the stage at Queen Night Club in Paris on the first night of tour, that the upcoming stretch of shows would be one to remember. As a premier american musical artist (and not to mention one of the most electric members of ASAP Mob), TyY is has never been a stranger to hyping up a foreign crowd. Early in his career, as an opener for the likes of ASAP Rocky and ASAP Ferg, while facing down sold-out festivals in LA and Australia, the Harlem-born rapper was given the not-so-easy task of warming up new, young, crowds. Quickly, he earned the reputation as on of the more electrifying live acts in the Mob, hijacking shows with anthems like O Well, Bust It Open, and not to mention, his irreverent banger, Trump

Witness the insanity for yourself, as ASAP TyY performs 'Bust It Open' in front of the sold out crowd in Paris, France;

Bust It Open❌ Bust It Open ❌Make Me Spend A Checkkkkkk💸...........💳 #Asaplifestyle #Paris 🇳🇱

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They Prayin That I Loose..Homeboy I'm Too Smooth🇬🇧

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After bringing down the house in Paris, ASAP TyY quickly jetted to Amsterdam where he gave The Netherlands its first taste of the ASAP Mob Lifestyle at the historic Winston nightclub. 

And, of course, he had to indulge in some local greenery. 

Rather Be Hated On For Who I'am Than Loved For Who I'am Not🔐

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Heart Of A Lion I Was Raised In The Concrete Jungle 🇳🇱.. 📷 @aliwasthere

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After living it up (high up) in Amsterdam, TyY took his antics across the pond, to the United Kingdom. Launching his British stretch at The Market Bar in Nottingham, TyY earned acclaim for capping off the night with an incredibly high-energy set. What started as a slow night, with several opening acts as a lead-up, would eventually end as a completely sold-out show once TyY took the stage. 

The staff at GUAP Magazine even had to express their excitement, stating; 

This was something I had never experienced before... it was easily one of the most enjoyable events I have been to..the energy and comfort that made it [so] mesmerizing.

Beats, rhymes and Donald Trump times @asap__tyy

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     TyY gave Nottingham, & the crowd at Market Bar, an experience they would never forget.


 TyY gave Nottingham, & the crowd at Market Bar, an experience they would never forget.

Finally, ASAP TyY would end his tour in London, performing his international finale, at The Old Blue Last, where the crowd instantly connected with TyY as he performed his tribute to ASAP Yams, 'Chamber Lock' before bringing the energy back up with his (fittingly international) banger, 'Like Me' featuring Korean Rap Stars BewhY and CJamm.  

But it wasn't until TyY unleashed his savage & irreverent banger, 'Trump' to the (obviously) anti-Trump crowd. The increasingly excited crowed jeered the President as they cheered on ASAP TyY to the finish line, serving as a fitting homage to his time on tour. Needless to say, this was just the beginning.


Follow ASAP TyY's escapades as he conquers the world.

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