In his latest interview, TyY reflects on the life of A$AP Yams, his own role in A$AP Mob, and the current state of rap.

While filming for various projects in Los Angeles, A$AP TyY gave a strikingly open and honest interview to the buzzing online hip hop publication, Hip Hop DXTy would open the interview honoring A$AP Yams for all he had done to create & grow the A$AP Mob brand. 

Paying homage to Yams, TyY stated the following; 

"RIP Yams. Shout out to the boy Yams... I wish he was here with us … but he is here with us. He played a major role, just keeping us together. Just had a vision, man... We just living in his name right now. He played a major role in everybody’s career man."

You can find the full quote in the embedded video below...

TyY would then go on to recount the meaning within his personal tribute to Yams, the song 'Chamber Lock.' When asked why the song meant so much to him, TyY revealed that the track features the last words the A$AP-founder ever spoke to him;

“It was some inspiring words that he actually said to me before he actually passed away,” TyY reveals. “We had got the call when we was in London [that] he passed away. And those were the actual [last] words he said to me, so that song actually means a lot to me.”

You can find the track, featuring Yam's last words to TyY here.

The setting of  a cemetery was especially fitting for the interview. Not just because they spoke of Yams' life, but also because TyY was in the midst of filming for a yet-to-be-released track; Mosh Pit. As seen in the behind the scenes footagethe filming took place at Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles. When asked why he chose such a setting for the video, TyY minced no words, stating; 

“There’s a lot of fuckery in this rap game, and I’m here to put these rappers in the fucking grave.”

Check out the behind the scenes visuals below:

Shirley Ju, editor-at-large of Hip Hop DX, asked TyY how he planned to craft his own persona, especially given the ever-increasing number of A$AP Mob members. He again responded honestly and simply;

“I just plan on being me, I don’t plan on standing out. I just plan on doing what I do. Being the guy that I am. I’m wild, erratic, and I really don’t give a fuck.”

Of course, no interview is complete without questions about TyY's hit, "Trump" ; the irreverent banger known for describing the kidnapping and robbing of the current President of the United States.

 When it comes to an explanation about the song, the answer is an easy one. In his (typical) laid-back fashion, TyY stated;

’that’s how I was feeling in the moment of me making that record. It was just me voicing my opinion. And that’s it.”

Simple as that.

TyY would go on to tease Cozy Tapes Vol. 2, leaving DX with more questions than answers. He promised more A$AP mixtapes, more TyY tracks, and absolutely no fucks given.

Given the sheer amount of projects on the horizon, it is apparent that A$AP Mob and A$AP TyY are on a wave. Make sure you keep up.

Click here to read the full Hip Hop DX interview in its entirety .

In the meantime, check out 'Trump' as you prepare for its official music video, dropping in the next couple of weeks.