The A$AP Mob’s own ASAP TYY has unveiled his new Anti-Trump video to accompany his controversial "TRUMP" record he released back in November, before the presidential election. The song came about after TyY had a dream about Donald Trump. 

Meanwhile, the single has since garnered well over 2 million views/streams. Directed by Michael Dellapolla and co-directed by Michael Duda, the video was shot on the top floor of a Manhattan law office that finds the A$AP member going off on corporate executives and Trump. In addition, he was raging in an abandoned Philly church or as TyY explains:

“I had my manager, the production crew and myself crawling through a church basement in Philly to start this video out. We ended with me in a suit and tie in Manhattan, the office scene was crazy, we shot in a law office all while attorneys were still walking around and working. We had a huge production crew on set, I was in a ski mask with prop guns all while having this guy in a suit tied up in a separate office. I could only imagine what these attorneys were thinking while we were shooting this lol.”

A$AP TYY's "TRUMP" video is already gaining major traction premiering on power house media outlets such as Complex ,  HypeBeast , and of course the ASAP Mob among many others..